I have been passionate about film for many years. At uni I helped to run Unifilms, Nottingham university's film society, programming the films in the second year, and showing them on a 16mm projector which was a lot of fun. I also regularly wrote film reviews for the student newspaper.

Some time later I did an evening class where we wrote and produced a short film. My script was chosen as the one we filmed. I wanted to study film in more depth so took a one year film and television production course at City of Westminster College where we made many short films, both factual and fictional, mostly filmed on VHS camcorders. From there I went to evening classes at Birkbeck to learn the craft of screenwriting.

The trouble was I didn't know anyone I could make a film with. I decided I needed to learn a production skill and at that time in 2015 the cinematographer Gareth Rich Lopez started his own weekly film school through meetup.com. We met every Wednesday evening and were soon making improvised short films in Holland Park.

At this point I took an interest in the sound department and practised with the equipment Gareth was kind enough to lend me. Not sure why I chose sound, but I'm very glad I did. From there I invested in my own equipment and started to look for work experience as a sound recordist.

Four years later I have worked on many short films and eight independent feature films. I love the work and am even able to get up for ridiculously early starts which would be absolutely impossible if I didn't enjoy it!

I still have a strong interest in writing and have started on the path of making my own films. My first as director, Waterloo Sunset, was filmed in July 2017 over one evening on the South Bank and can be watched on the portfolio page. My second, Time's Up, was shot in April 2018.

My third film, The Bathroom, a short horror was filmed in November 2018 and is currently being sent to festivals.

My fourth film as director, Robin of Oakwood was shot in May and June 2019. It was my first film with co-producer Andrew Polyviou and I think we have formed a great team. It is currently in post-production, see the blog.

My aim going forward is to make a couple of short films a year while working professionally as a production sound recordist, my income enabling me to make more ambitious films.


Upcoming events


June 3rd 2020

Having had some time to myself during Lockdown and starting to explore London on my bike, I had the inspiration to develop a new website, a personal look at true stories from history. Coming soon to a browser near you!


May 29th 2019

So The Uncatchable has a new name, Robin of Oakwood. We finally shot it in May 2019 over three days from the 25th to the 27th with one day still to go. The production went amazingly well but for more detail please check my blog post.


February 7th 2019

I'm currently preparing a short film called The Uncatchable. It is about a bankrobber who is a kind of modern day Robin Hood figure. I'm co-producing this with talented actor Andrew Polyviou and we will be filming in north London over two weekends in mid to late March.


November 7th 2018

I'm currently preparing to shoot a short horror film almost entirely set in the bathroom of my flat. It will be a one day shoot on November 18th, the cast and crew are in place so with a bit more planning it should be good to go.


June 8th 2018

Last July I shot and co-directed a short film called Waterloo Sunset. Nearly a year later it's been through post-production and is ready to release to the world, and can be seen on the portfolio page.


April 12th, 2018

We filmed Time's Up today in the Brentham Bar in Perivale. I couldn't have asked for it to go any better. Both cast and crew were stellar, some brilliant performances and I think we've made something memorable. Now to the edit!


March 2018

I am currently in pre-production for a short comedy I wrote called Time's Up. At the moment I am casting and putting the crew together with the aim of filming one day in March.


August 21st 2017

I will be working as a sound recordist on Love Sticks, a comedy film about candles and male escorting. The shoot begins on August 21st and ends on September 2nd.


August 17th and 18th

It looks like we finally have shooting dates for Bake Off, it's set to be the dates above. The last piece of the puzzle will be finding the right actor which should be finalised on Monday.