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In brief I usually operate with a boom mic and have different ones appropriate to the location and situation. I also have up to 7 radio mics and a sound recorder with 8 channels. I can also plant mics when that is the best solution for a particular scene.

I am happy to operate on my own or with a sound assistant who will usually be the boom operator. I am also willing to be a sound assistant on bigger productions.

In more detail I own and can operate the following:


Sanken CS3e: professional grade shotgun

Sanken CSM1 supercardioid and

Audio Technica AT4053B hypercardioid for indoor dialogue

Audio Technica AT4040 large diaphragm mic for vocals and voice overs

Audio Technica AT2022 stereo mic for field recording

Rode NTG1

Radio mic systems

2 x Lectrosonics SMDB systems

5 x Sennheiser G3/4 systems

Rode Wireless Go

Sanken Cos11D and Sennheiser ME2 lavaliers

Sound recorders

Sound Devices 664

Sound Devices 633

Zoom F8

Zoom H6

Sony PCM A10


3 x Timecode Systems Ultra Sync One boxes

Other equipment

Rycote blimp and dead wombat

4m Ambient boom pole

Mic stand

2 x Sennheiser G4 IFB systems

3 x LD Systems IFB systems

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