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Screenplays available to budding filmmakers.

I have written several short screenplays which I'd love to see produced. The synopses are below. If you like the idea of any of these, get in touch with me and I'd be happy to send you the script. I'd be delighted to see some of these go from page to screen but please note I am the sole author and retain copyright.



A Black Mirroresque tale about a man who commits a serious violent crime but is sent to an open prison for a far too short sentence. Once behind bars he is offered a way to make his sentence even shorter, with dramatic consequences. A film of this script would obviously require a prison setting as well as a fair number of special effects, but if you have the budget I think it would make a great hour long story.


A short drama in which a friendly elderly lollipop lady wakes up one morning to find that everything has inexplicably changed.


Comedy sci-fi. In the year 2036 a young man is being stalked on the streets of London by a much larger, musclebound man. He has no idea why he is being followed.


Comedy monologue. A champion cyclist is disgraced having won the Tour de France 8 times. In a television interview he finally reveals the dark secret of his success.


If you have a story idea you would like to turn into a screenplay and would like a writing partner please get in touch. I am willing to try my hand at almost every genre.

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