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Highlights of previous work as a production sound recordist


Stigma, feature film drama

Written and directed by Eddie Sebastian

DoP Richard Boon

Unite Films Ltd

A Dinner of Innocence and Experience, short drama

Writer/director Marcus Kartal

Minister in Training Season 2, comedy webseries

Director Phil Ossai

DoP Lanke Adeyemi

Producers Tobi Olowu and David Ajayi

Cinema 113/Tower Block Films

PwC Media Summit interviews

Letting Go, comedy short

Director Louis Djalili

DoP Martino Masi

Producer Gigi George

Met Film School

In the Limelight, short fantasy drama

Director Natalia Piervincenzi

DoP Daniele Tartacca

Producer Melissa Belvedere

Met Film School

SwipeRight, horror feature film

Writer/director Jane Sanger

DoP Robbie Anderson

Producer Jane Sanger

Lumino Films

Appetite, comedy short

Director Xuemeng Li

DoP Simona Pranulyte

Producer Katrin Kasper

Documentary about Julie Stoddern

Director Asher Lines

Fantasy Dick Pic, comedy sketch

Directors Heida Reed and Beth Park

DoP James Oldham

Producers Beth Park and Heida Reed

Confessions of the Bat, Batman fan film

Writer/director Ronnie Henry

Producer Ronnie Henry

Tiny Kernel of Dark Joy, short drama

Writer/director Andrea Ratti

DoP Felix Dembinski

Producer Andrea Ratti

Interneurs, reality TV pilot

Producer Luis J. Kelly

Onboard Creative Pictures

Know your BMs, short horror

Producer Nathaniel Bertram

Robin Of Oakwood, short drama (as writer/director)

DoP Andrew Hillary

Producers Andrew Polyviou and Lee Viesnik

Tiger Barb Films/PolyArt Productions

Green, fantasy short

Writer/director Ash Strange

Producer Ash Strange

That Phone Call, entrant in the 2019 48 hour sci-fi film competition

Director Michael Spencer

DoP Jacob Lewis

Breaking the Kingdom, short drama

Writer/director Ben Robles-Acosta

DoP Luis Hindman

Producer Ben Robles-Acosta

Family Film Productions

Your Reality, short dramatic film about gaslighting

Director Top Tarasin

DoP Jacob Lewis

Producer Tatjana Anders

Culloden, short drama

Director Bettine Mackenzie

DoP Balint Molnar

Producer Bettine Mackenzie

Minister in Training, comedy webseries. Cinema 113

The Cow Boy, comedy short

Director Sam Grant

DoP Robyn Skead

Producer Sam Grant

Everything is going to be fine, comedy horror short

Director Mitch Tolliday

DoP Luke Collins

Producer Alessi Heitman-Rice

Bounty Killers, sci-fi comedy short

Writer/director Mark Simmons

DoP Catherine Schalbroeck

Producer Mark Simmons

VIP Productions

Anzel, fantasy short

Writer/director Donovan Swart

DoP Felix Dembinski

Producer Donovan Swart

Fruitless, short drama

Director Ola Laniyan

DoP Akpe Ododoru

Producer Yinka Idowu

Cat and Mouse, short horror

Writer/director Annie Knox

DoP Toby Lowndes

Producer Annie Knox

Smashed Skulls Productions

Cheating, comedy short

Director Viktor Leandersson

DoP Miguel Carmenes

Producer Viktor Leandersson

The Car, comedy short

Director Sheila Marshall

DoP Robbie Anderson

Producer Sheila Marshall


Enodia, sci-fi short 

Director Ealia Meletsy

DoP Richie Summers

Producer Ealia Metsy

Karma, short drama

Director Bizhan Tong

DoP Jonty Dawson

Producer Bizhan Tong

Phoenix Waters Productions

The Jade and Kesra Show, sitcom pilot

Director Kesra Allie

DoP Edward Massey

Producers Kesra Allie and Adrian Lizt

Vertical Limits

Better, sci-fi short

Director Michael Ferns

DoP Alistair Little

Producer Kirsty Dua

Underperforming, short comedy horror

Director Alastair McWilliams

DoP Andrew Cant

Producers Alastair McWilliams and Andrew Cant

Fingernail Films

The Bathroom, short horror. As director

DoP Andrew Hillary

Tiger Barb Films

Hummingbird, sci-fi short

Director Andrea Ratti

DoP Derk Russell

Producer Adem Harman

Buried, short drama

Director Oli Reichardt

DoP ED Lomas

Producer Oli Reichardt

U Park Like a ****, comedy webseries pilot

Director Yvette Boakye

DoP Edd Chettleburgh

Producer Amma Boateng

Only Human, sci-fi horror short 

Director Andre Harrison

DoP Toby Lowndes

Producer Andre Harrison

The Post-apocalyptic Job Centre, comedy horror short 

Director Liam Abbott

DoP Glenn Mottershead

Producer Liam Abbott

Dear Mum, short drama 

Director Donovan Swart

DoP Ariel Artur

Producer Donovan Swart

The Players, comedy short

Writer/director Harry ter Haar

Little, short drama

Writer.director Kris Williams

DoP Derk Russell

Producer Kris Williams

Clipped, short drama

Director Claudia Kaleta

DoP Matteo Bangrazi

Producer Claudia Kaleta

Met Film School

Headcleaner, sci-fi short 

Director Nick Scott

DoP Lorenzo Levrini

Producer Nick Scott

Daybreak, short horror

Writer/director Andre Harrison

DoP Toby Lowndes

Producer Andre Harrison

R Section, sci-fi short

Writer/director Cris Heaton

DoP Luke Priadi

Producer Cris Heaton

The Bris, short drama

Director Coral Amiga

DoP Anna MacDonald

Producer Amy Binns

The Barbershop, short comedy drama

Director Monshur Alam

DoP Quinn Pohl

Producer Lisa-Marie Butler

Can We Order First, short comedy

Director Maia Kipping

Producer Anca Vaida

Soundproof, thriller feature film

Directors Mark Hayman and Margaret Rogerson

Dop Paul Fuller

Producer Mark Hayman

674 Film

Shredders, comedy horror short

Director Darren A. Furniss

DoP Ricky J. Payne

Producer Michael James Dean

Posh Dinosaur

Built to Be, short drama

Director Irene Maffei

DoP Michael Spry

Producer Akash Prasad

Surrealshot Vision

Our Wales, RSPB campaign video

Director Darragh Mortell

The Diaries of Tai Atlas, reality webseries

Writer/director Henry Simpson-Gray Producer Henry Simpson-Gray

Them, sci-fi feature film

Director Ignacio Maiso

DoP Tim Jolly

Producer David Stock

Tractorni Productions

Suffering, comedy webseries

Director Sinitta Monero

DoP Neal Parsons

Producer Christien Bart-Gittens

Silent Temple Films

Ghost to Ghost, comedy short

Director Matt Ley

DoP Harris Alvi

Producer Millie Johnston

Plastic Boy, comedy feature film

Directed by Sam Plommer

DoP Danielle Wiltshire

Producer Chloe Begtine

Time's Up, short comedy (as director)

DoP Andrew Hillary

Tiger Barb Films

Details to Follow, short comedy sci-fi for the 48 Hour Sci-Film competition

Director Michael Spencer

DoP Jacob Lewis

Reality Check, short comedy sci-fi

Director Adam Nelki

DoP Amir Moulfi

Producer Vincent Kavanagh

Ravensbourne Graduate Project

The Morning After Etiquette, short comedy drama

Director Matthew Tibbenham

DoP Neal Parsons

Producer Christien Bart-Gittens

Silent Temple Films

Thespianology, comedy TV series 

Director Jeffrey Aidoo

DoP Cody Leigh-Stannard

Producer Jeffrey Aidoo

 The Reserves, military themed TV comedy pilot 

Director Darrragh Mortell

DoP Connor Hamill

Producer Taz Skylar, Randa Ray, Michael P. Spencer

How to Date a Magical Creature, comedy webseries

Producer David Ruby

This Sceptred Isle, dystopian feature film

Director Jake Berry

DoP Ivan Wood

Producer Jake Berry

The Smell of Petrol, short drama

Director Branko Tomovic

DoP Benjamin Hodder

Producer Branko Tomovic

Red Marked Films


The Drop that Overflows the Coffee, short drama

Director Karl Hill

DoP Jonathan Beckett

Producer Karl Hill

The Repair Job, short film

Director Inshra Russell

DoP Nuria Perez

Producer Inshra Russell

Studio Inku

Multi-Facial, short drama

Director Taz Skylar

DoP Jamie Noel

Producers Taz Skylar and Jamie Noel

The Feel of Black, short horror

Director Dominic Stewart

Producer Dominic Stewart

Fractured Minds, short drama

Director Oli Regan

DoP Ilaria Falli

Producer Adem Harman

Positive Action, sci-fi short

Director Alastair McWilliams

DoP ANdrew Cant

Producers Alastair McWilliams and Andrew Cant

Fingernail Films

Vegan Girls, comedy sketch The M&M Sketches

Wi-fi Code, comedy sketch The M&M Sketches

Memorial, feature length horror

Director and DoP Rick McCullagh

Producer Rick McCullagh

The Soldier with No Name, World War 2 short drama

Director Daya Dodds

Producer Daya Dodds 

Giant Squid Productions

Life on Broadway, short comedy sci-fi

Director Liam Abbott

Producer Liam Abbott

Love Sticks, comedy drama

Director Daniel Kemsley

DoP Vincent Prunier

Producer Daniel Kemsley

Love Stix 

Support, TV drama pilot

Director Sacha Lewis

DoPs Jerome Reid and Joseph O'


Producer Sacha Lewis

Peacerokit Entertainment

Waterloo Sunset, short film: Writer/Director

DoP Max Duckroit

Tiger Barb Films

Carcera, short film

Director Peter Simmons

DoP WIlliam Knights

Producer Peter Simmons and Ben Swales

Cat and Dog Productions

A Pinprick of Light, short film

Director Kasra Karimi

DoP Jackie Teboul

Producer Kasra Karimi

Stranger Than Paradise Productions

Hound, feature film, Wet Paint Films

Lighter, feature film

Director Sarah-Stephanie Skjoldevik

DoP Peter T. Breen

Producer Sarah-Stephanie Skjoldevik

Good Orderly Direction

Opus 1, short sci-fi

Director Simone Scott

DoP Rick McCullagh

Producer Simone Scott

Plague UK, sci-fi short

Director Mark Simmons

DoP Catherine Schalbroeck

Producer Qiaoling Wang

VIP Productions

At A Distance, short film Magic Works Media

Key Witness, short film

Director Mike Lord

Blue Lotus Media

Positive Result, short film

Director Alastair McWilliams

DoP Andrew Cant

Producer Lastair McWilliams and Andrew Cant

Fingernail Films

The Flytipper, short film

Director Marc Coleman

DoP Joshua Dickinson

Producer Stefan Parker 

Dogged Films

Aristotle has Brexit, comedy sketch

Director Nick Figgis

DoP Tom Barker

Producer Alex Grimwood


Fool's Gold, short film

Director Hannah Rogers

DoP Barbara Van Schaik

Producer Meredith Ball

Sorry Varalakshmi, short film

Director Shankar Siddam

DoP Chandu Siddam

Producers Karthik Pulluri and Nirmala Siddam

Ambitendency, short film

Director Gabriella Passerello

DoP Cadhla Kennedy

UAL Graduate Film


Antipositional, short film

Director Mo Cheriet

Producer Mo Cheriet

Sandow, feature film

Director Alexander Cooper

Producer Alexander Cooper

Young Hearts, short film

In Retrospect, short film

Director Rick McCullagh

Producer Rick McCullagh

Cross My Heart, short film London Short Film

Director Tuan Hong

DoP Robin Brooks

London Short Film

Two Guns, One Bullet, short film : ADR sound recordist

Director Liam Cogan

Producer Liam Cogan

Unconventional, short film 

14th, short film 

Director Adam Hudson

Producer Adam Hudson


Xmas Angel, short film

Across the Pond, TV sitcom pilot

Director Gareth Rich Lopez

Producer Gareth Rich Lopez

Behind Everyman

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