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Waterloo Sunset completed

Last July alongside co-director Max Duckroit I filmed a short comedy on the South Bank. It was entirely shot in one evening with the original intention of entering it in London Short Film meetup's 90 second comedy competition. We attempted a 90 second edit but it just didn't work so we decided to let the story tell itself in its own time.

Since then the film has been through various post-production stages. I first sent the footage to editor Tippers Pritchard who is based in Portsmouth. His original edit was very good but I felt needed refining. I met composer Thomas Fisher and asked him if he would work on the soundtrack. In the end he came back with what I felt is a beautiful score which is the perfect backdrop for the film.

I then set to work on the original edit making small changes to the timing of shots and especially working on the quality of the dialogue. I had to teach myself Adobe Premiere Pro from scratch but it was an enjoyable journey making liberal use of how to videos on Youtube. The actors kindly came back to my place to record some ADR which I tried to use as sparingly as possible. I also recorded wild track at all the original locations to add atmosphere to the scenes. I still felt it needed working on and asked Valentino Nioi to colour grade the edit on Adobe Premiere and I think he did a great job.

Almost a year later I feel it is ready to share with the world and it can be seen on the portfolio page. It may be a bit rough and ready in places but overall I'm happy with what we managed to achieve in one evening and feel the actors gave memorable and nuanced performances which I can't fault. It has had several name changes over time. Originally we called it Bad Date but that evolved to A Night by the River and finally we settled on Waterloo Sunset, which also happens to be one of my favourite songs.